VANGUERATI is a Spanish firm of fashion and exclusive, timeless and eye-catching accessories, in which the highest quality and sustainability prevail. Each of our models is born to excel, either by the use of vibrant colors such as striking textures and prints.
As a brand, we are proud to ensure that 100% of our creations are designed and manufactured in Spain by hand, through the use of high quality traditional, natural, organic or ecological materials.
We work every day in the manufacture of unique items, different from those already existing; made one by one by hand, and produced in small quantities, avoiding the overcrowding and excessive agglomeration of stocks to which the fashion industry has accustomed us.


Our designs are creative and special. They are distinguished by their eye-catching, bold style and claw, without ever leaving aside the elegance that characterizes Vanguerati.
The high quality is our hallmark, and therefore, we always use materials of excellent quality and take care of the manufacturing processes of
our products; making each of our designs pieces that, respecting their care processes, last forever.
At Vanguerati we follow from the first day the philosophy of "SLOW FASHION" or sustainable fashion, seeking to protect the planet and the people who live on it through:
· The Craft, always taking care of and promoting the good work of our Spanish artisans, who make most of our models by hand with neatness and mastery, following ancient techniques acquired from generation to generation.
· Use of natural materials that do not pollute the environment and that are biodegradable; In this way we minimize the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Furthermore, when manufacturing our garments, we run away from plastic compounds and we do so with sustainable and ecological fabrics, contributing to an improvement in the circular economy, saving on natural resources, thousands of liters of water, and we stopping the emission of tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. On the other hand, as a company and in terms of optimizing resources, we reuse and recycle everything in our power to contribute to "zero waste".
All this makes VANGUERATI a special, different and unique firm,
with which to dress small works of art at the forefront of fashion.