For special occasions choose the VALENCIA handbags made of Fallera fabric and Vanguerati leather.

For baptisms, communions, weddings, events, or even an informal outing with your partner or friends, choosing a jewel bag made with a unique and exclusive fabric such as Fallera Fabric will always be a success. Especially if it is #MadeinSpain; This way you make sure that he will continue to be by your side for many years, as brand new and lucid as the first day.


In our desire to create unique and exclusive items, we decided to use local fabrics, with which we could support small businesses in our Community. Fabrics not exploited in the world of fashion, and for us, the most beautiful we have ever seen. And thus, to be able to present to the world the wonders that we do here in Valencia, the land to which we owe the name of our bags, at least.

Thus, the Vanguerati fallera cloth bags were born from the search for the wonderful fabric of Valencian clothing nicknamed as 'Tela de Fallera', by factories in the Valencian Community, in search of fabrics as special as they are durable.

After their careful choice, they are made by hand by great Valencian leather goods with national leather to the tone on the back, where we engrave the Vanguerati V emblem.

If not for this detail, the bags would be too flimsy when using only fabric.

In Vanguerati we also have models that include original Swarovski crystals. Placed one by one by hand on the regional fabric, ensuring that they will always remain attached to your bag.

We finish 'the job', placing its zipper, pickets and stainless steel chain. Nothing to do with those bags in which in less than a year you find its chain and rusty appliques.

Our bags also feature a large internal pocket and a matching traditional Valencian tassel.

For all this, many are the media that have already echoed our creations with the exclusive Valencian fabric.

We hope that you also bet on items cooked over low heat, and that once yours, do not lose sight of them under any circumstances ✨.

** You can BUY HERE our Valencia bags **

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