Make a difference with a VANGUERATI HAND-PAINTED BAG

The idea of ​​creating hand-painted bags arises from the passion for art and the pictorial world of its creator María Subiela, who went to drawing and painting classes from an early age, coming to paint her own oil paintings and exhibit them.

Maria, with her eagerness to create unique items, decided to start painting her own bags; National leather bags previously manufactured by expert leather goods in Alicante.

Once painted, with the best acrylics and waterproof leather varnishes in the world (from Los Angeles, CA), they are listed, with # 1 being, for example, their first finished model.

When painting them, he always finds a different inspiration, letting himself be carried away by his feelings, concerns, passions or artistic and cultural movements (present and future)... Creating unique works, different from each other; experimenting, merging materials, and continually learning.

Of course, each of these little jewels is hand-signed with the name of the firm, in addition to having the Vanguerati V emblem engraved on the leather.

All models also include a distinctive handwritten ink label certifying their authenticity and exclusivity.

As a final touch, the bag is inserted in our classic red satin luxury protective cover made in Spain with a 'Vanguerati Spain' print loop.

Do not miss out on your unique piece in the world!


** Right now our Vanguerati hand-painted bags can be purchased physically at the Maika Art Gallery, located in the heart of Valencia (Spain) or ONLINE, with worldwide shipments. **